Grist Mill


For information on donating to Hurricane Harvey relief through the Rotary Foundation, click on the button marked "Documents"  at the top of this page and open the document titled "Donor Advised Funds"





Ken Joyner

Mecklenburg County Assessor


A team from the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office led by Ken Joyner share information with club members on the 2019 Revaluation process. Many members remembered the 2011 revaluation issues. Ken and his team outlined the changes made to the system as a result. In addition, changes in customer service and the calendar of event between now and July 2020 were reviewed. Our own Jim Calder sits on the board that reviews MODRIA issues. More information including videos available at 





 Mary Bures

Great Outdoor University

Mary shared information on the programs provided by GoU (Great Outdoor University) with the help of partners like the Boys & Girls Club and similar organizations. Children (and their parents) who have had little to no contact with nature and the out of doors are exposed to a variety of experience that serve to enrich their lives in meaningful ways. Thanks to the North Carolina Wildlife Association and the National Wildlife Association for their support of this endeavor. Volunteers are always welcome.





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