2017 Rotary Christmas Party

Thanks to Gray Hudson for the pictures




Marty McCarthy & Larry Newton 

 Mentoring Medicine and the Underserved

The Elizabeth Project Mentoring for Medicine provides resources to form and train teams of mentors. Mentors have the opportunity to learn new relationship and problem solving skills. Mentors are uniquely positioned to make a long-term, no-cost investment in health of the underserved. This mentoring program has a partnership with Rotary that seeks to recruit and train qualified mentors. Marty McCarthy a Rotarian for 30+ years is the founder of the Elizabeth Project. He will be joined by Larry Newton a licensed psychologist to speak about their experiences with mentoring and this unique 









 Chef Ron Ahlert

Community Culinary School

 Community Culinary School and Chef Ron are no strangers to Charlotte Providence Rotary club. The chef demos at the Cotswold Farmers’ Market are in large part a product of Community Culinary and their team. An where does this all happen? 9315 Monroe Road That’s right—9315 Monroe Road! Experience what they do on December 5th at the “Miracle on Monroe” 5:30—8:00pm. Come to 9315 Monroe Road and find out what it’s all about.




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