Andra Watkins

Author One Woman’s 444 Mile Walk of Natchez Trace 

WOW! What an Adventure—well beyond walking the trail. Relationships are complicated, especially between parents and adult children. Andra shared with us in entertaining fashion her journey to writing as well as her quest to walk the navigate the Natchez Trace and how her relationship with her father impacted the experience. Share her experience through her books (







Libby Currier

Smart Start

The Mecklenburg Partnership for Children better know as Smart Start of Mecklenburg County is a local partnership that serves children and families. This initiative seeks to expand and improve services for children from birth to five (5) years old as well as their parents. The goal is to prepare children to enter kindergarten health and ready to succeed. The Smart Start partnership has programs which support children’s health, family support, education, literacy and community advocacy. All programs are designed to support pre-school children and their families to prepare them for success in school and life.  





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